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How much can I repair with one Flash Floor cartridge?

Damaged concrete never has a consistent measurement. It could be 1 inch wide on one end and 5 inches wide on the other end, or 3 inches deep on one end and 6 inches deep on the other. The best answer we can provide is as follows:

For cracks or control joints:

Depending on the width and depth, 1 cartridge can repair up to 8-12 linear feet at an average width of 1/2 inch by an average depth of 1/2 inch deep. 

For voids, spalls, holes, etc.:

1 cartridge can repair a hole that is 8 inches long x 8 inches wide x 1½ inches deep (96 cubic inches). For a visual, this is about the size of 2 common house bricks.

*These dimensions can increase or decrease depending on proper usage and installation of Flash Floor, sources like cracks or voids for Flash Floor to leak out of the repair, and so on.

How big of an area can I repair with Flash Floor?

There are no size restraints. In the 20 years Flash Floor has been on the market for repairing concrete, we have used it for repairing everything from hairline cracks to holes you could nearly fit a vehicle into.

What is the psi or strength of Flash Floor?

Just minutes after a repair has been made, Flash Floor cures to a similar strength as the surrounding concrete of 4500 psi.

What makes Flash Floor better than epoxy repair products?

Epoxies are just hole fillers that don't bond to the concrete and become more and more brittle over time. They are difficult to work with, require more prep to the concrete, and smell awful.

Flash Floor is superior in all of these areas. It's very easy to work with, penetrates deep into the pores and bonds to the concrete, requires very little prep, minimal smell, etc. You can read more Information on Flash Floor vs epoxy here.

Do I have to use an aggregate (sand) with Flash Floor?

No, but we highly recommend it. Adding an aggregate to your Flash Floor repair will do 3 things. One, it will extend Flash Floor's volume or the amount you can repair by up to 200%. Two, it balances the strength difference or PSI between Flash Floor and the concrete. And three, it makes for a stronger repair.

Can I use my own aggregate (sand) with Flash Floor?

Yes, just make sure the sand is 100% dry. We recommend a medium grain size sand-blasting sand.

Can I use Flash Floor in a Freezer or Cold Storage or Cooler?

Yes, Flash Floor not only works great in freezers and coolers, it is the best solution for concrete repair in colder temperatures. Just make sure your repair area is completely dry and keep Flash Floor and the aggregate at room temperature until you are ready to use it.

What is the shelf-life of Flash Floor?

When Flash Floor is stored properly in a dry climate controlled environment with an average temperature of 70° F, it is shelf stable for a minimum of 6 months.

Is Flash Floor a stocked item or is there a lead time?

Yes, Flash Floor is a stocked item and we ship all orders within 24 - 48 hours.

*Please keep in mind that Covid-19 and our country's supply chain problems may affect this statement.

Where can I get a copy of Flash Floor's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

You can view and/or download a copy of Flash Floor's MSDS here.

Can I use Flash Floor outdoors?

Yes, but Flash Floor is affected by sunlight and repairs should be painted over with a concrete paint to protect it.

What happens to a Flash Floor repair when it is exposed to regular sunlight?

2 things can happen to a Flash Floor repair when it is exposed to regular sunlight. One, it will turn a golden yellow. Two, the repair will lose a small amount of it's strength.

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