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Why is Flash Floor Better than Epoxy for Repairing Concrete?

It's important to know that Flash Floor is not an epoxy. Here's why: Concrete repairs made with epoxies do not last! They continue to harden over time and become more and more brittle with each passing day. They are more difficult to install, and have a very strong chemical smell.

On the other hand, Flash Floor is a polymer based repair product that comes in a liquid state. This is unlike epoxy which has a much thicker viscosity. Flash Floor's thin viscosity gives it one of its greatest advantages. Because of its liquid consistency, it can actually penetrate the pores of the concrete before it hardens. This gives it microscopic finger-like stitching, we call "micro-stitching", that locks itself into the surrounding concrete. This is why Flash Floor, if installed properly and there are no subsurface or environmental complications, will have a far more superior bond and longevity than any epoxy repair.

Concrete repaired with Flash Floor under a UV light and a microscope to see the Micro-Stitching.

To know more about the difference between Flash Floor and epoxy, read more here:

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