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Breath New Life into Old Equipment

Buying new equipment is not only expensive, but these days the waiting period can take far too long. An easy and cost effective solution is to have your equipment refurbished.

Getting the mechanical side of your refurbished equipment up to snuff is just a matter of having the right people and parts in place, but if you want a long lasting new look to your new equipment you need someone who knows coatings.

Adding a new coating to an old piece of equipment isn't like just adding a simple paint job. If you want something that's durable, adds traction in the right places, is long lasting, and makes it look like new, a new coating is your solution.

In this example, the customer chose a vibrant safety red with black accents and a black traction enhanced deck. The deck area is where oils and mechanical fluids often leak onto it while technicians are working on equipment. This traction enhanced coating provides a safer slip resistant surface for them to work on.

This coating not only looks great and is safer, but it is far more cost effective than purchasing new equipment.


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