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Damage from Trailer Stanchions

Does your concrete or asphalt look like this?

Loading dock lanes are a critical part of any facility. Shutting lanes down for repair can cost valuable time and money.

The truth is, asphalt and concrete is not designed to take the abuse of constantly dropping trailer stanchions on them. They are designed to handle a load, but not a beating. Most companies ignore it until they are forced to cut out the damaged area and repour concrete, or patch the asphalt, only to watch it get broken up again.

We not only repair the damaged area, but we also offer added protection against this abuse. The Dura-Plate is an impact resistant polymer-plate that is incredibly durable and provides an extra layer of protection against the repeated abuse from trailer stanchions.

If you are looking for a fast, non-invasive method to repair your indoor/outdoor concrete or asphalt, look no further. We provide concrete and asphalt repair services all over the southeast. To see more of our services and photos select "Our Services" from the menu.


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