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Massive Damage to Loading Dock Wall - Repaired in Less than a Day!

Any damage to a loading dock is disruptive, costly, and a major inconvenience to daily operations. So how did we repair this dock wall in less than one day?

Conventional repair methods for a damaged vertical concrete wall or loading dock will leave the customer with an out of commission dock door for days.

Even though this project was challenging and extensive, the speed of this repair made it appear to be easy and simple and this is how we did it:

First, we started with having our door technician realign and repair the dock door & frame.

This allowed us to re-frame the damaged section of the loading dock wall with the doorway.

Then we repaired the missing section of the wall with Flash Floor. Once it was filled, the Flash Floor hardened within 15 minutes, and the wall was back to being structurally sound.

All of this was accomplished in less than one day. and put their loading dock door back in service.

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If you are looking for a fast, non-invasive method to repair your indoor/outdoor concrete or asphalt, look no further. We provide concrete and asphalt repair services all over the southeast. To check out more of our services visit our services page.


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