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Huge Concrete Cracks Repaired Fast

When it comes to repairing damaged concrete floors in industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, cold storage and/or distribution facilities, downtime can have major a impact on your operations.

For an example, this project, in a cold storage distribution center, had damaged concrete obstructing a busy doorway. Shutting down this doorway for a couple of days to repair this area was not a viable option for the customer. Thus, more wear and tear on their forklifts by driving over this damaged concrete every day continued. In addition, it was rough on the drivers, and it continued to make the concrete worse.

Fortunately our unique method for repairing concrete with minimal downtime allowed us to complete this repair and have it forklift traffic ready in less than 4-hours. Our method requires no saw cutting, minimal prep, and hardens fast. All with durable long lasting results.

If you are looking for a fast, non-invasive method to repair your indoor/outdoor concrete or asphalt, look no further. We provide concrete and asphalt repair services all over the southeast. To check out more of our services visit our services page.


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