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Loading Dock Repair

Loading docks take tremendous abuse from trucks, forklifts, pallets, equipment, etc. Once the damage is done most people either live with it or hire a contractor to do extensive reconstruction which can be costly and time consuming. But worst of all, you lose the use of the loading dock until the construction is completed. We offer a third option that saves you both time and money.


With our Flash Floor and Flash Track we've not only mastered the art of repairing horizontal concrete, but we can also repair vertical concrete. Our process eliminates the need for costly construction and long down time. We can get your loading dock back in operation with money still in your pocket.


Sometimes a loading dock not only has damage to the concrete, it also can have damage to the bumpers, leveler, plate, door and/or frame. Don't worry, these are all issues we can assist in getting repaired or replaced.

If you are looking for a fast, non-invasive method to repair your indoor/outdoor concrete or asphalt, look no further. We provide concrete and asphalt repair services all over the southeast. To check out more of our services visit our services page.


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