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Save Money on Forklift Repairs by Repairing Your Floors

The damage to forklifts and industrial trucks of all types can be greatly mitigated by providing concrete floor repairs to the sites where your equipment is deployed, especially to leased equipment sites. Repairing worn-out concrete control joints, potholes, cracks, spalls, etc. greatly reduces unnecessary damages to your forklifts and can save your company large sums of money over time on what is considered "normal wear & tear maintenance" and beyond.

In 2020, one of our customers helped complete a site cost analysis of repairs to forklifts and equipment incurred over a 2 year window. The comparison was made against repairs to damaged control joints on the concrete floors throughout the facility of an Amazon Distribution Center. The savings was over 60% of the "normal" wheel, transmission, & gearbox failures.

These repairs can be a one time cost at only a small fraction of continuing cost of forklift repairs, especially over the lifetime of a forklift(s).

If you are looking for a fast, non-invasive method to repair your indoor/outdoor concrete or asphalt, look no further. We provide concrete and asphalt repair services all over the southeast. To check out more of our services visit our services page.


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