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Traction Enhanced Concrete Surface

Both indoor and outdoor concrete can become a slippery safety hazard. Entryways and loading docks with rain, washdown areas, or simply worn smooth concrete are a few of the reasons to be concerned about a potential slip hazard.

Maintenance Solutions can provide a very fast traction enhancement to concrete. The areas mentioned above typically have high traffic and allow for minimal time to resolve issues surface issues.

As you can see in the photos above, our process starts with roughing the surface of the concrete. This allows for our traction enhancement to make a long-lasting bond to the concrete. Once the surface has been prepared we apply Flash Floor to even the surface while adding traction.

Our traction enhancement can also be applied indoor and outdoors, to ramps, entryways, sidewalks, walkways, and more.

While adding traction to an area, repair to the concrete can also be made. The photos below show an outdoor concrete ramp being repaired and coated for much needed traction.

Here we repaired and added traction to two loading docks.

For more fast, non-invasive concrete solutions visit our services page.


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