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Flash Floor Pail Kit
  • Flash Floor Pail Kit

    SKU: FFPK3

    Item # FFPK3


    Includes 3 double tubes of Flash Floor, Aggregate, Putty Knives, Gloves, and Rags.


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    Flash Floor is a high-strength, ultra-low viscosity, crystalline-polymer compound for a permanent concrete repair. It's easy-to-use, extremely fast-setting (traffic ready in 15 mins.), needs minimal preparation and no saw cutting. Flash Floor provides a long-term concrete-like durability like no other repair method. It can also be used in cold storage/freezers up to -40°. It's low viscosity allows for deep concrete penetration for a permanent bond. Flash Floor can be used in any concrete repair situation -- worn or damaged control joints, cracks, potholes, and/or deteriorating surfaces. Flash Floor is not an epoxy. It's more durable, faster, provides superior bonding, and is easier to use!


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